During the latest three years Odessa achieved a record by a number of tourists. If in 2013 the city by the sea was visited by about a million of tourists, in 2015 only in summer the number of tourists increased twice. Preliminary figures of City Department of Culture and Tourism show that in summer Odessa was visited by 1.5 billion tourists. Experts see several reasons of touristic boom. First, annexing of Crimea came into play, that’s why Ukrainians in search of rest went to resorts of Odessa region. Second, a rate of currency that increased made rest in Egypt and Turkey impossible for Ukrainians. At the same time our prices seem cheap for foreigners.

A more concealed but a more profitable income item for tourism industry is a sex tourism. A well-developed infrastructure of the pearl by the sea with fashionable beaches, clubs and restaurants creates conditions for sex trade as well. In fact, it’s a well-organized business that creates not the best image for Odessa. A location of the city favors the sex tourism as well. Well, a plane comes to Odessa every Friday from Turkey that is called a sex-attack aircraft by local taxi drivers. Young Turkish men come on weekends to have fun in the city’s night clubs and get acquainted with local beauties. It’s curious that sex tourists from Western Europe, unlike the Turkish ones behave in a more careful way preferring not to be noticed too much.

Odessa girls are especially valued by American men who prefer the Southern Palmira to other countries even with a better developed infrastructure of adult entertainments. According to guests, Ukrainian girls are much more beautiful than Western European and Asian ones, and they are nearly twice cheaper because of currency rate difference.

A separate category of tourists are foreign fiancés coming to Ukraine on romantic tours. A well-developed business of dating agencies services in Odessa in 2015 guaranteed an increase of the ‘traffic’ in more than 3 times. A complicated economic and social situation in the country made a marriage with foreign men the simplest way to avoid problems for Odessa women. Beautiful, well-educated, housewifely Ukrainian girls are sought-after on the online dating market, according to managers of popular Odessa dating site www.Odessa.Dating Lonely men from Europe, the USA, and Asia get acquainted with ‘brides by mail’ through the internet, and in summer, in the height of a holiday season they come for a personal meeting. It’s hard to estimate a number of such guests of the city, but according to dating agencies there are dozens of thousands of them.

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