Where the idea of Kazantip republic came from?

Originally appeared as a get-together of the Kazantip surfers. In 1993 in the village Shelkino, which is located on Cape Kazantip, was hosted the first RFA Cup windsurfing. During the day sporting events were held, but in the evening hundreds of young people gathered on the beach parties.

Cape Kazantip is between Kerch and Feodosia, about 420 km away from Odessa Ukraine, and washed by the warm waves of the Sea of Azov. It is here that was planned to build the Crimean nuclear power plant, but the project was closed down, leaving the memory of the descendants of the builders of the village of Shelkino and the unfinished nuclear power plant.

In 1995, in the place of the “unfinished” nuclear reactor was held the first musical and sporting non-festival Kazantip, which brought together fans of electronic music and extreme sports. The first three successful "nuclear" project (1995, 1996 and 1997.) made people talk seriously about Kazantip, defining it a cult event.

Since 1999, non-festival began wandering around the Crimea and in 2000 settled in the Black Sea town with the characteristic title Merry (at Sudak). Features of the Crimean coast allowed to expand the list of sports, revered by KaZantip republic members. In addition to surfing, kiting enthusiasts gather here, and mountain bikers are also present.

In 2001, Kazantip republic moved to the village Popovka (30 km west of Evpatoria). And in 2003 the Supreme Soviet of Crimea prohibited conduct Kazantip in Crimea. The main argument of the decision of the Parliament of Crimea has been because of the "extremely negative impact of the festival due to the distribution of drugs in the autonomy." Organizers got out of the situation, devising a new name "Republic Z”. The place also remained the same - Popovka village, 420 km away from another southern resort Odessa Ukraine.

Today the Republic Z – it's not just the largest youth festival in Europe is not, this is a special way of thinking.

Kazantip - the realm of unreality, the realm of unlimited freedom, happiness and joy, the kingdom in which there is no place moral constraints ...

Often compared to the Republic of Ibiza - the members of non-declared festival themselves say thet Kazantip republic has long outgrown the Spanish glamour, and the inhabitants of the Z republic are at a higher level of being. Fundamentals have been registered in an official document - the Constitution of the Republic of Z.

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