The national recreation area, the largest port in Ukraine, the city wih special character, they say of Odessa. It is a city with many interesting traditions, many great people come from Odessa, sailors and physicians. You can hardly meet a man who would not like to spend a vacation in Odessa. Odessa is a big sea port located in southern Ukraine. Around one million cheerful people live in Odessa its a big European city. Odessa is not very old city. You can buy in this city anything you can imagine. This cozy city is the most precious pearl in the south of country. Population of Odessa is mainly composed of Russians, Jews and Ukrainians . Make a tour to the sunny Odessa and see its beauty. Odessa has special maritime climate. Guests of Odessa can enjoy , perfect possibilities for tourism.
And it is natural. At any time , every tourist can find fascinating possibilities for staying. Winter recess grants the greatest cultural event - the very Odessa. You have an opportunity to see old city’s streets, museums, or visit an astronomical observatory . In the summer the travellers would be pleased to have a rest at the seaside. Cozy beaches and wonderful sea make every guest of the city want to relax. Foreign travellers take a trip to Odessa for rest in summer . There is no wonder as rest in Odessa can be a real joy. The resorts, amusement and recreation facilities in Odessa can amaze any tourist. You can walk on the shady street of Odessa, visit the Archeological Museum, or enjoy Odessa Yacht tour and excursion. If you like active holiday, then at the seaside you are welcome to use jet skiing and relaxing massages. On Odessa beach you may notice a lot of flabbergasting dames who will impress you with their cahrm . This intends that a cozy vacation in Odessa is instated to you. So , the flow flux of travelers landing to buzz close by the beaches in Odessa is multiplying everyday.
The burghers of Odessa are contented of its famous architectural and cultural legacy. The city has a lot of academic institutions among which I. I. Mechnikov Odessa National UniversityOdessa National Marine University and many others, Odessa has nice magnetisms like the Spaso–Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral , and other wonderful attractions.
A large amount of superb persons lived there at varied terms. Certain quantity of protruding comedians , who were uncovered in Odessa during the last century, have obtained a regard as the capital city a special Russian language humor. The not new hamlet is built in contradictory architectural vogues from revival of the arts. On the pathway of Odessa you can travel by foot in the afternoon or at night,, enjoying the beauty of the architectonics the of ancient homes . Don't lose the idea to have a sentimental airing down the Deribasovskaya Street - the emblem of Odessa with many taverns and walking people.

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