Odessa is an amazing city which charmed its guests at a first glance. It offers us the mix of modern life and ancient times. Odessa is famous not only for its sights, but for sanatoriums and rest. Odessa is really called the Black Seaa pearl. Arriving to Odessa , you can accommodate in the city hotels. A wide choice of different levels Odessa hotels youmay have, coming to Odessa. The fashionable hotels of Odessa are in the main city districts . If you prefer to relax in a calm quiet environment at the saeshore of Black sea , rent the hotels rooms in the nearest territory. Odessa-city offers different hotel classes. You can choose the hotel class according to your abilities and wishes.
As a rule the first class hotels are 5 or 4 stars levels. This is a beautiful bright building. Such hotels are mostly near the sea or in the central part. All these hotels present comfortable rooms, modern design and high level of service. Every Odessa hotel has a woderful original style of architecture and unique names. These hotels are Seaside hotel etc. These hotels are popular for the guests from Ukraine, and for the foreigners. Numerous hotels in Odessa are of the middle class. In Odessa central district all Odessa tourists may find Passage and "Black Sea". Not far from the seaside, near the beach Langeron, the hotel Lermontovskiy is placed.
If you want to arrive to Odessa in August and to lay in the sun at the warm Black Sea, the hotel "Columbus" is the best place for relaxation and comfort. The hotel "Victoria" and "Marrion" propose to all guests great entertainment and an unforgettable vacation. Odessa mini hotels may place from 5 to 30 persons. Such mini-hotels are far away from business parts of Odessa. Such hotels are suitable for those who prefer to live inexpensive, secluded and comfortable. Mini hotel "Ekatherina" and Hostinniy dvor gift excellent conditions for living. Black Sea present the sense of well-known Odessa hospitality. All economy-level hotels have something special. Among them are the hotel "Black Sea".The main feature of hotel "Passage" is traditional ukrainian atmosphere. The hotel "Passage" is placed in the resort area. In all Odessa hotels the visitors will have comfortable rooms, high class of service and domestic atmosphere.
When you are on an amployment journey, after activity you will be delightly wondered to look that your apartment, which is located not far from the workplace in the Odessa central part. It is of course, that the most of our flats for rent are fitted with all requisite: all household tools.In all of our flats you will see suited kitchen. We extend our arrivals variant types of rent - per diem and lengthy period leasing. For your selection we introduce 1-2-3 rooms apartment from econom class to luxury kind. When choosing rooms, we advice you to know the description of the apartment. Our apartment are seted in the acceptable, quaint, remarkable, and totally variant districts of Odessa.
Staying in our houses is careful, the same as in your own apartment. All guests of Odessa we wish to consume time favorably in our distinctive city. Each arrival of Odessa have to know it's eyesights. You will be affably amazed by the excellence of Potemkin stairs, solitary Pushkinskaya street and still comfort of the Primorsky Boulevard and the beaches of Odessa.
Lease house in Odessa is a comfortable service for your rest or work! Rental flat in the city of Odessa is a very fine for tourists and employers. Day-to-day Lease Flat is differ from hostels in mainly of cost. When you lease room in Odessa, you pay just for the room, not the sum of beds. Rent Apartments in Odessa is very good for tourists because of its accessible spot. Lots of Odessa's apartments are settled privately in the central part of the city. Flats rental in the central city zone, near the Mayakovskiy street or on the environment area is the best selection for people who demand to reduce in contentment. We also offer variants for apartments in other city parts, not far from the public transport depots. Renting apartments is remunerative not only for us, but mostly for our clients. Because of the shortage of hostels in the centre of the city . And the good choice is rent Odessa flats. You will be fortunate to glimpse from your apartment's windows Odessa central part and the historical places. If you prefer contemporary style and serenity, united with classical flair, we are certain that you can to rent a flat daily, doing the right decision of the rich apartments and rooms register we have suggested.

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