Odessa is distinguished Ukrainin city which is known as sanatorium and a touristic city. It prouds of unique combination of humor, sea air and antiquity. Odessa is one of the main resort in Ukraine. Odessa is named Ukrainian jewel. Coming to Odessa , we offer you the list of Odessa hotels. Choose your hotel according to your demands. Variety hotels of Odessa are situated in the main city districts . If you are planning to relax and rest not far from the Black Sea , specially for you, the perfect hotels are not far from the sea. Odessa proposes the hotels of different levels of comfort. You can choose the level of hotels according to your wishes.
As we are accustomed to thinking the first class hotels are 5 or 4 stars levels. It is a winderful buildings. Such hotels are located in the recreation area or in the center of Odessa. Each hotel give the sense luxurious and comfortable rooms, European cuisine and excellent service. Every hotel in Odessa has a wonderful interior design, unique names and story. For example the hotels Palace Del Mar Hotel etc. These hotels are very popular. Many hotals of Odessa are the standard class hotels. In Odessa centre are placed the beautiful hotels Yunost and "Tsentralnaya". At the seashore, near the beach Langeron, the hotel Lermontovskiy is located.
If you plan to arrive to Odessa in summer relax and breathe the bracing sea air , the hotel "Maristella Club" is the perfect place. The hotel "Columbus" and "Arkadia" offer to the visitors the European service and comfortable rest. Little hotels in Odessa can accommodate 10-25 visitors. The hotels are usually situated on old picturesque streets far from the centre. These small hotels are the best place for visitors which are expecting for cheap but comfortable holidays. Mini hotel "Rishelye" and Palladium offer beautifully furnished rooms and decent service. Victoria gives wonderful city views. Each econom-class hotel have something special features. Especially the hotel "Black Sea".The basic advantage of the hotel "Valentina" is it's famous ukrainian hospitality. The hotel "Black Sea" is situated on one of the most beautiful Odessa street. All accommodation Odessa hotels gives us the quality service and domestic atmosphere.
If you are on a professiom trip, then after work you will be pleasantly reflected to watch that your apartment, which is placed hereabout the office in the Odessa central part. It is certainly, that the maximum of our flats for rent are fitted with all essential: all household appratus.In all of our flats you will see suited kitchen. We tender our visitors different sorts of rent - daily and long-time rent. For your selection we present 1-2-3 rooms house from econom level to luxury level. When selecting a room, we inform you to watch the description of the apartment. Our apartment are placed in the satisfactory, picturesque, remarkable, and completely separate places of Odessa.
Settling in our rooms is protected, the identifical as in your own house. All Odessa arrivals we expect to spend time accetably in our exclusive city. All Odessa guests must watch it's historical views. You will be graciously amazed by the charm of Potemkin stairs, exclusive Grecheskaya street and quiet comfort of the Primorsky Boulevard and the excellent Odessa seashore.
Rent room in Odessa is a good service for your rest or employment! Lease apartment in the city of Odessa is a very good for visitors and workers. Day-to-day Rental Apartment is different from motels in primarily of cost. When you rent house in Odessa city, you repay only for the apartment, not the number of beds. Odessa-city renting apartments is very winsome for visitors because of its appropriate place. Numerous Odessa's apartments are seted limitingly in the central districts of the city. Apartment renting in the central Odessa area, not far from the Grecheskaya street or on the environment territory is a favorable decision for travelers who look for to unwind in comfort. We also extend modifications for apartments in other city parts, near the public transport stations. Flats renting is remunerative not only for us, but chiefly for our consumers. Because of the scarcity of hotels in city center. And the excellent choice is rental apartments in Odessa city. You will be satisfied to glimpse from your flat's windows Odessa central districts and the historical views. If you want fashionable style and decency, united with classical flair, we are certain that you will be able to lease a room daily, forming the desirable choice of the various apartments enumeration we have recommended.

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