Right up there with some of the kid friendly attractions like Madame Tussaud's and The London Dungeon is the absolutely frightful London Bridge Experience. This as well as the others counts as one of the most popular and fun attractions London has to offer. It too has the magical ability to break the monotony of a London museum trek for kids and it keeps them engaged in the family vacation.
This attraction is a magically blended experience consisting of state of the art animations, animatronic characters and spooky sound effects. Visitors are taken on a tour though the history of the London Bridge and the catacombs beneath which initially served as a burial pit of plague victims. You can experience life as a common roman citizen, walk in the shoes of a Viking through a Viking prison, and you can even Pull down the bridge with the help of Kind Olaf II and learn all about the gruesome Keeper of the Heads. Those with the bravery to forge ahead can go even further into the depths and explore the bowels of the bridge to see where the plague victims were unceremoniously dumped after the disease took their lives.
This and many other attractions like it are what make London a premiere vacation destination in Europe. And to take it all in simply requires an extended stay, and for those that find holiday apartment London is sure to show you more of its darker side, for laughs and thrills all around. We advise renting central London apartments since they are so much close to main attractions that you will save a bundle on transportation costs.

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